Escapes and Retreats

Treat your employees to an escape at Hoame! We can host your learning experience in the studio, and tack on a complimentary meditation in either the dark room or light room.

We can also curate a full day-long retreat for your employees to give them the ultimate escape.

Employee Assistance Program

Up until this point, traditional EAP’s and mental health initiatives have put all the onus on the employer, it is your responsibility to keep your employees well, and traditionally, these haven’t worked.  We need integration, innovation and cutting-edge evidence backed solutions to create healthier people inside and outside the office.

We approach corporate mental health with three lenses:

  • as clinicians who understand the needs of the person

  • through our corporate and policy consulting, understanding the impact of this on the workplace

  • and as business owners ourselves, understanding how to practically merge both often competing needs.  We understand that we want healthy employees, but we also understand the bottom line.

We created a boutique EAP that actually works


Flexible based on agency needs and requirements.  Sample services include:

  • Clinical Consulting

  • Policy Consulting

  • Leadership Consulting

  • Optimization strategies as part of a broader workplace integration of best practices