Ease Inc.
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We have a simple mission at Ease – that is to help make people’s lives a little ease-ier. The heart of our business is to use innovative and evidence backed offerings to create a lifestyle movement so profound that it causes a monumental shift in our current culture. 


About Us

Now more than ever before – the mental health of our workplace should be top priority for any Canadian workplace. Yet traditional mental health trainings and programs are often overly complicated, complex and difficult to implement. At Ease Inc. we seek to change that and revolutionize your approach to employee wellness!


The Science of …

In this community, we hope to create an environment for you to live a better, healthier, and most importantly, an Ease-ier life.  

We will explore different topics as they relate to health and well-being and provide evidence-based strategies that can support you in finding and maintaining balance, health and wellness.